Gloria EP

by Milano

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released October 30, 2010

Engineered by Milano
Mixed by Alan Hackert
Mastered by TW Walsh



all rights reserved


Milano Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: A Day is Gonna Come
a day is gonna come, the levy is gonna break
the doing will be done, the fixed is gonna shake

a day is gonna come, the sky will be the floor
the moon will be the sun, the laugh will be a mourn

a day is gonna come, the bandits will be fled
the none will be the sum, the living will be dead

a day is gonna come, the giant is gonna shrink
the many will be one, the stone is gonna sink

a day is gonna come, the limousines are blocked
the hungry and hung-up, desert is the dock

a day is gonna come, from the bottom to the up
there's treasure in our tongues, "the banks are all bankrupt!"

a day is gonna come, caught up in the clutch
hooked highway straighten up, the ripple roads of rust,

a day is gonna come, the old will then be young
hindrances flung up, "the banks are all bankrupt!"

You're a trophy for the whole human race
i'm a citizen with an immigrant face
for the curve we'll hang together
to get the hell out of this winter
we'll flee and without a trace

we will flee and without a trace
one day with our ears we will play
we will flee and without a trace
on the run towards another place
Track Name: Gloria
when the angel came, the little girl was blessed
she had a song in time, with the beating in her chest
but she was afraid because holiness is a flame from God
God was there in her, but it was more than she could bear


and the sky was bright, with the messengers in white
their faces shined like fire in the night
and the old man blind has finally seen it with his eyes
the angel's song, like heaven's noise, can now be mine


When i was young my mother gave me a song
she said listen son, you know this aching life ain't long
so live it well, cause when heaven turns to hell for you
when all is lost, it will be all that you've got

when these bones are dust and all's been said and done
when we come to the ancient place prepared for us
when we begin again and all our tears are gone
we will stand before the Lord of song with nothing on our tongues but..

Track Name: So What?!
I was almost perfect yes I was, I was.
it was almost worth it yes it was, it was.
I believe I'm cleanest in the mud
the reconciliation of my own imagination is tough.

la, da, da, da...
If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it clap your hands
but if you are pissed off i understand, so what?

if you're gripping tightly loosen up, loosen up
if you no longer have control so what, so what
everything you see came from chaos
and everything you are and everything you wanna be it isn't up to you completely.

If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it clap your hands
if you are pissed off i understand
they never ever showed us no they never ever told us we'd give in
we gave it all we had, we gave more than we could give I admit it

If your mouth is running close it shut.
I may only say this once so listen up.
Everyone in this room is fucked up
Everyone is. Everyone is.

"Who me?" Yes you. Yes you, it's true.
it's true of everyone and everything all the time, so what?
Track Name: Come on, Come on
Call me crazy, call me anything but that.
It's not my problem, i am lately pacifist.
Is that a joke, sir? Is that a joke?
No I'm serious. Is that all you came with?
Is that everything you've got?

So put em up, sir
hit me with everything you've got
I hope your knuckles,
I hope they crack and bleed

Come on, come on! Give it up!
Let's hear it for ferocious people!
Who wants to be snazzy, swanky human beings?

Come on, come on! Give it up!
When you tell me that you see the stars, I just see it black.
I know, I know better.

What do you see?
Tell me everything I am
Do you see a monster? I see a mole and smell a rat.
Yes Mr. hipster, you are hip sir, but I'm absolutely sure
I'd take a splinter over hipsters in the dead of winter
Track Name: A Holy Song
Curse me grace. Do it to my face, do it to my face
Do it when I’m bored of you, and I'll be on my way
Do it when I’m sick of you, don't wait till i'm awake
do it with a whisper wind or a rugged bleeding blade

seep in, toxic, hang tight and hold it in.
breathe a little, breathe a little, child.

God of mine, I’ll shake my fists and whine. I’ll be cussin at the sky
We build our holy empires, but you crush them every time.
End me with an air-strike or a demon in the night.
take my clutched fist and unravel it, show me your fingerprint in mine.
Holy, holy, holy.

Ease up. enough. i'm knuckled and strung up
breathe a little, breathe a little
Secret, hidden, but sure as hell can feel it
Breathe a little, breathe a little, child.

Take my gun, or I’ll use it on your son. I’ll use it on your son
i'll sharp shoot the unshackled ones escapin' on the run.
i'll pluck out the unblinded eyes cause the dark is good for 'em.
I'll be the Judas to all your family, watch me kiss them one by one
Dare me. Come on, dare me.

fervent delinquent, you fundamentalist
breathe a little, breathe a little
felon, convict, thought you were just a kid
breathe a little, breathe a little, child.

Son of God, your brother is a fraud. You brother is a fraud
He broke another handful of commandments and the law
Is breaking him into a million pieces and he’s lost
The part of him that knows you’re either unarmed or you’re not.
Holy, Holy, Holy.