Festival - single

by Milano

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Happy Leap Year!


released February 29, 2012

Produced by Milano and James Auwarter
Recorded and Mixed by James Auwarter at Clybourn Studio, Chicago.
Assistant Engineer: Nick Clark
Additional Engineering by Joshua Miller
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Mayfield Mastering, Nashville.

"What Do You Mean By That?"
Produced by Milano and James Auwarter
Recorded and Mixed by James Auwarter at Clybourn Studio, Chicago.
Assistant Engineer: Nick Clark
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering, Seattle.



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Milano Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Festival
crush your horn-rimmed telescopes
and trash your know-it-all binoculars
they're not working, they're not working

tell me if they show you what's far away
what's coming, what's coming, what's on the way
I can see it, when the war ends

all our decommissioned guns will be bent to
trees and the bullets shot in the earth will spring
a garden green and flourishing

wake up, oh voices of joy!
bang your drum! make some noise!
oh! oh! we're going to the festival!

thunder with string instruments,
with trombones and trumpets,
snare drums and fiddles and
clanging crash cymbals!
tomorrow, we're going to the festival!

tell me where you're going, can I come with?
now tell me, are the bands really hit or miss?
is it perfect? is it pleasure?

i know where the vineyards are planted in cement
where we drink to the dregs for the holy bacchanalia
i can see it.

where the fundamental people will lead in the dancing
they'll pour us a drink, make a toast for the night
the truth tattooed our hearts permanently

you'll be adorned with tambourines.
you'll make the noise of leaves like dancing evergreens
"what a day to get married! Now we never have to

take it apart or leave in the dark
finally get to end what we started"
a home with a view of the city and garden

all is remembered, all is forgotten
all is a witness, the worms and the comets
the paper machete crayon crowns in the garbage
live on the river, live on the water
live where the light goes a little but farther
iron anchored hearts surface up for to start up

a song in our throats, with bells in our hands
a thunderous sound from the old marching band
an old soldiers hymn, a victory anthem
bang on the drum with your old calloused hands
because all is a gift. We finally own everything!

praise him, you gauze bandages!
antique hospital beds!
all is mended in the festival!

praise him, you ex-patriots!
all displaced citizens!
creeping things! flying birds!
presidents! senators!
all my wells! all my springs!
you consume everything!
finally, we're going to the festival!
Track Name: What Do You Mean By That?
when you tell me i'm a saint, or tell me I'm a sinner
or tell me I'm something else
what do you mean by that?
if i come around and act like your brother
then you tell i'm a good catch
what do you mean by that?

take a second before you open your big mouth, man

i can't make it out when you make it up!
so don't make it up, man!

you say you don't wanna touch it
or eat it or drink it or be around it
cuz you're a good conservative christian
what do you mean by that?
so you voted for the president opposite parents
between drags you smirk now you are a socialist liberal
what do you mean by that?

i can give you the world all that you really wanted,
what do you mean by that?
just give in a little, just give in a little bit come on,
what do you mean by that?
is it really worth it? you're pitiful, you're gonna get killed! what do you mean by that?
i'm standing right here, you ain't gonna get rid of me!
what do I mean by that?
I'm ready to die!